portrait photo Daan Rongen

Creative Coder — exploring the art and science of machine intelligence

As a creative coder I have the ability to bridge the gap between technical know-how and artistic expression. By combining my coding skills with a keen eye for design, I am able to create interactive experiences that engage users on multiple levels. Using a range of computational practices such as shape synthesis and generative art allow me to use machine intelligence creatively and provide innovative solutions to complex problems.


  1. Tuesday, 4 April 2023project

  2. Monday, 28 November 2022publication

  3. Monday, 28 November 2022project

  4. Friday, 9 September 2022exhibition

    Artist in Residence

    Art program at De School

  5. Friday, 9 September 2022project

  6. Wednesday, 13 July 2022education

    MSc Creative Computing (Dist.)

    Course on computational art and design at the University of the Arts London (UAL)

  7. Friday, 20 May 2022project

  8. Friday, 19 November 2021publication

  9. Friday, 19 November 2021project

  10. Sunday, 24 October 2021exhibition

    Data West at the Dutch Design Week

    Display of Model 5621 at Kelderman & Van Noort

  11. Tuesday, 20 April 2021project

  12. Friday, 16 April 2021project

  13. Tuesday, 2 March 2021publication

  14. Friday, 16 October 2020project

  15. Tuesday, 8 September 2020exhibition

    Keynote on Internet Art

    Main stage talk at Smashing Conference

  16. Tuesday, 1 September 2020publication

  17. Wednesday, 12 August 2020project

  18. Wednesday, 5 August 2020project

  19. Wednesday, 11 December 2019publication

  20. Friday, 29 November 2019exhibition

    Exhibition of Hidden

    Secluded release at Parq Studios

  21. Thursday, 28 November 2019project

  22. Wednesday, 2 October 2019exhibition

    Masterclass on Smart City Technologies

    Co-hosted with Gert Franke at Graphic Matters

  23. Thursday, 24 January 2019project

  24. Wednesday, 28 November 2018education

    BSc Communication & Multimedia Design (Hons.)

    Course on designing and developing human-centred interactive media at the University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam (HvA)

  25. Sunday, 11 November 2018publication

  26. Thursday, 1 November 2018project

  27. Sunday, 28 October 2018exhibition

    BNO Presents YA!

    Exhibition of Momentum at the Dutch Design Week

  28. Thursday, 18 October 2018project

  29. Wednesday, 30 August 2017publication

  30. Sunday, 28 May 2017project