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WiFi Photography


    The WiFi Protocol

    The wireless communication protocol WiFi is amongst the most commonly known protocols we use. It is nearly everywhere. You request access in the homes of your friends, in public transport, in public spaces, and at your local coffeecorner. WiFi access is always at the tip of your thumb, one click away. Eventhough we expect it to always be there when we need it, we are not able to see it. This is simply because the human senses are not capable of registering the statically charged and discharged electromagnetic particles in the air.

    WiFi Flashlight

    For this project I built a WiFi-flashlight. A simple handheld flashlight that maps WiFi signal-strength to light brightness. In collaboration with Amsterdam-based photographer Luc Wittebol, I conducted an experiment of taking photos with a long shutterspeed in order to visualize the presence of WiFi around us.

    Invisible Information

    The underlying theme of this photo-series is the omnipresence of information, surrounding us at all times. The communication protocol has lots of great benefits, but the protocol is advancing and has lately been abused for privacy-unfriendly intentions. Public spaces, intended to be a safe space for citizens, not being exploited by any corporate or private entities, are subject to corporate Free WiFi networks. With this research we aim to raise awareness on the omnipresence of these networks in public spaces.