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    Secluded Clothing

    For Amsterdam-based streetwear brand Secluded, an installation was developed as a prop for the release of a new clothing line called Savage Island. Hidden, the name of the mascot, is the visual translation of the Savage Island collection. Hidden combines the core values and aesthetics of the brand with the inspiration of the collection; retro-futuristic science fiction from the 50s and 60s, resilience of nature and apocalyptic conditions. Hidden has been on Savage Island for years with only one goal: transferring the message of Secluded. His strongest weapon is his chestpiece with which he can sense the awareness of passengers passing by. Anytime Hidden encounters someone, his chestpiece highlights the presence of Secluded.


    Hidden is a mixed-material work made in collaboration with Jelmer Gunnink and Sem Barkman that represents the fictive narrative behind the Secluded brand. My contribution in this project was to make the mascot interactive by implementing a printable circuit board carrying an embedded system that senses visitors interacting with the mascot. The output was the display in his chestpiece, displaying the message of Secluded. This work was both exhibited at the Zeedijk 60 clothing store in Amsterdam and the Savage Island Release Party in Parq Studios.